Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who is more stupid --- the bird, the cat, or me?

Most, if not all, of my blog posts have involved the law enforcement profession, but not this one....

In the early morning hours, when the sun comes up and a bright new day begins, I almost always awake to the annoying banging of a few stupid birds flying into the bedroom window. I suppose they see their reflection in the glass window and think they are seeing another bird. I would think that after they slam beak first into this glass wall a few dozen times they would get the hint. Hey stupid, it ain't another bird, it's glass!

Then, we have my stupid cat. She sits there quietly on a chair by the window and she watches these birds crashing into the glass. And, it's very obvious what she is thinking. She desperately wants to sink her fangs into one of these feathery creatures. Suddenly, the cat bolts forward and she herself slams headfirst into the window. She does this with such force that the whole damn bedroom seems to vibrate. After she does this several times, I'm definitely awake.

Usually, I'll just tell the cat, "Hey stupid, you can't get the bird because it's on the other side of the glass window."

This morning, after I made this same comment again, I got to thinking. Who is more stupid, the birds for repeatedly flying into the glass window, the cat for trying to go through the glass to get at the birds, OR ME, for trying to explain it all to my dumb cat?