Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Introduction to my law enforcement blog

I have been a police officer for all of my adult life. I never really wanted to be anything else and my dream eventually became a reality. I've loved being a cop and overall I think I was a pretty good one too. I also think that most of the dedicated men and women in the law enforcement profession are here because they want to make a difference. They want to do something worthwhile and good. They want to help their fellow man and make this world a better place for all of us to live in.

I know there are some bad cops, the very few who dishonor us all and abuse the awesome power they've been entrusted with. But, these "rotten apples" are definitely in the minority and the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers try to do their difficult jobs the best way they can. Do some of them make mistakes along the way? Only those that never get involved in anything at all avoid the possibility they might do something wrong. Most, and I do include myself here too, can't help but make a mistake now and then. Unless you hide in your office every night, and never venture out onto the streets, occasionally making a few mistakes is almost unavoidable. The smart officers learn from their mistakes, and then never make the same mistake again. Others, and again I believe this is a relatively small number, don't learn a damn thing and they usually repeat the same mistake over and over again.

This blog is obviously about the law enforcement profession, the brave men and women in it, the bad guys they encounter, and the many other difficulties and challenges officers have to face on almost a daily basis. I am basically a very pro-police and patriotic individual, so this blog will usually be slanted in these directions, but if there is something negative that I feel needs to be said or pointed out, then I will do that too. I guess you could say that I hope this blog will be a combination of the good, the bad and the ugly.

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